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As the visitor of our online site we Please every customers to  Read the below terms and conditions carefully since you use our service with acceptance of our term and condition.


As a part of our registration session , User's personal and identifiable information may collect by our  Ovira Mart . These Personal Information may include your First and last name , registered Email Id along with alternate E-mail Id, your age , gender, Contact number, occupation, Postal code, Address, Education , the links you click on our site, the number of logins, Page view time along with your any kind of browsing History on our site. We hereby conform that our services are only available in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin). By accessing our site the customer  accepts our services conditions. The orders will only be accepted if the customer is in our delivery location. If the customer is beyond our delivery location Ovira Mart can't take the responsibility of your order.


Our site services availability depends on the selected locations of India. Person or User Disqualified from contract under Indian Contract Act ,1872 is not allowed / Eligible to use our site. The Person restricted from using our site includes Minor (Children under the age of 18) must access our site only with the supervision of parents / Guardian who agrees all our terms and condition of our site. If you are below the age of 18 you are prohibited to buy any adult consumption and the product prohibited for minors.



Ovira Mart , Permit the user a limited and restricted License to access our site and to make personal search of it. The Users are strictly prohibited to download or modify the site or any part of it excluding the written Consents of  Ovira Mart. This license is not acceptable for kind of resale or commercial usage or using its content. Downloading or copying information of the account deals , Product information , Listing data , prices, description for any personal reason/Usage is highly out of License and strictly prohibited . The license will not include data mining, data gathering , similar data collections and even Extraction tools on the site.  You are restricted to use the frame or techniques used in the frame / trademark, Logo , Text, page layout and form information for ant personal or commercial purposes. You are prohibited to access our meta tags, Hidden content /Tags Ovira Mart name . Without the proper and legal authority  one must not copy or visit or duplicate or reproduce or sale or resale the whole or any part of the site.  Any unauthorized usage of the site or a portion of the site will lead to termination of the permission  or license granted by Ovira Mart .


 Each and Every user should make sure that they register and login to order a product from the site. The user , must also ensure the given information is correct and updated for any kind of communication from our side. The user agrees to receive any kind of promotional contacts by accepting our Term and Conditions. Our partner will also be utilizing the information to make a better experience on the site .



Each and Every product on the site will be sold at the given MRP unless any offers or discounts mentioned. The same mentioned will be charged on delivery. The Pricing is completely depends on the products , some of the product like fresh foods price would change on the daily basic other than that the product price may left untouched for a while. If the price of the product raised or lowered after order still you will be charged the same cost as you order.



Customers can call off the order at any time according to their circumstance by calling our customer services .  In case if the order is pre- paid your amount will be refunded within mentioned time. In other case if we suspect that any kind of fraudulent transaction made by the customer or transactions that disobey our Term & Conditions of accessing our site , For wariness we will cancel the orders . We have keep a list on all the fraudulent and negative transactions , Which we will prohibit the user from using and ordering from our site. It is not advisable for the customers to cancel the order when it is out for delivery. In case of such practices they will be put under the legal actions under the act .  Ovira Mart have the full authority to cancel your order at anytime, if we suspect any kind of fraudulent or unlawful act from the customer. 



If the product is not delivered to you by your mistakes like wrong name, address or any specified information  will be charged extra by Ovira Mart which will the collected in the time of delivery.

The user can use the services provided by our site , only after accepting all the applicable laws and regulations for accessing and processing transaction on our sites

The user have to provide genuine and true database in every single occurrence in which the information is required. At any moment Ovira Mart have full authority to ensure, re-check and validate the information provided by the user. While upon the checking if the details provided by the user is found to be fault then Ovira Mart have the full right to terminate your registration and interdict you from using our site. The same action will be taken for whole or partly wrong information.

 Once you are accessing on our site and getting into any kind of transaction , Make sure that you are doing it with your sole risk. Ensure all the given details twice before getting into any kind of transaction.

You will experience right and proper delivery at the address which you have mentioned while ordering the product.

Ensure that you completely check  the product description carefully while ordering every product. If you are ordering a product that also include you agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned in the description box.



Dispersing any kind of unlawful, abusive, harmful, obscene, threatening, harassing, vulgar or objectionable stuffs.

Transmitting the criminal offence or civil liability material or otherwise contravening any legal rules and regulations

acquiring prohibited access to alternative computers

Disturbing or interfering with users from enjoying the site experience.

Disobeying the applicable rules and regulations.

Interfering or disrupting networks or web sites connected to the Site.

Without the owner's permission using, transferring or storing the e-copies of the product or a material.  




The colour of the product differs depends on the monitor. Even though we will try our fullest best to display you the exact colour but due to monitor differences the colour may vary. We cannot give the assurance for the colour displayed in the monitor.



Ovira Mart is full authorized to change and modify any term and conditions listed on our websites without any prior information/ notification to users. At any moment the user can access the Term & Condition listed on the site without any restrict to read. If any case if you feel that the modified Terms and Conditions were not acceptable to you than we must stop using our services since if you are using it so then it denotes that you agree all the Terms & Conditions listed on the site.


Our User Agreement is elucidated according to the applicable Indian law. In Case of proceeding appears out of the agreement the Court of Bengaluru can have an exclusive jurisdiction.

At any disagreement in the interpretation or any other user terms of agreement between the parties hereto , Ovira Mart will give a charge to the particular independent a arbitrator to judge for the solution, His judgment will be final on the parties hereto. The mentioned arbitration will be according to the 1996 amended Arbitration and  Conciliation Act. This judgment will be held at bengaluru court. The court can also apply the Indian Law for jurisdiction.


The Comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas , postcards and any other form of submission in the site or offered on /by the connection cause by the site will stay as a Ovira Mart Property . All the comment, feed backs, disclosure will assigned under the Ovira Mart worldwide rights, interest and title in all intellectual comments and copyrights. Thus, Ovira Mart  owns exclusively all such rights, titles and interests and shall not be limited in any way in its use, commercial or other purposes.


Since the Exclusive rights, interest and title were owned by Ovira Mart and their won't be any kind of limitation in its usage of commercial and comments. The use, disclose, reproduce, adapt , modify, create derivative works from display, publish and distribute any comment that is submitted on the site for any purpose will entitle by Ovira Mart . This usage of comments can be performed in anyways without acknowledging and compensating the users.

There won't be any kind of obligation for

1) Confidently Maintaining the comments.

2) Paying the user for compensation for comments.

3) Responding the Comments

The user agrees all the comments submitted by you on the site won't be against the violating the policy or right of any third parties , which also includes the copyright , privacy , proprietary rights ,personal and make sure will not cause any kind of injuries to anyone.

You also agree that none of the comment submitted by you on the site will never have constituting a libel or unlawful, threatening , abusive or offensive material , virus, Campaigning any political or commercial solicitation, fetter letters, bunch mailing or any kind of Spam in it.

Ovira Mart will not have the Regular review on commands, but it has the right to monitor or edit or even remove one's comment without any prior information.  By using our site you grant permission for the Ovira Mart to edit, Modify and even remove the comments. You also agree that not to use any kind of false address , Impersonating any person/ entity or even misleading one by the comments you submit. 



According to the Ovira Mart licensors and its suppliers expressly reserves all the cognitive property rights the comments , products, processes, programs, content, technology and various kind of materials reported on the sites. The website access can't be assumed or taken as the license upon kind part of the site under the Ovira  Mart . Not just the copyrights each and every intellectual rights of the site only belongs to the Ovira Mart . Any activities like website usage, content or copying or storing the data from the website other than the your own is prohibited according to the Ovira Mart.

Our names, service names , logos, related products , design marks and slogan are service marks/trademarks of  Ovira Mart its partners or its supplier. Apart from this other marks are belongs to the companies. The license of trade mark or service mark is not granted for any product/material connected with the site. The site access prohibits to encourage any users to use their own name , logo or any kind of their own promotion in any manner against our terms and conditions.

This site's references to third-party names, marks, products or services or hypertext links to third-party sites or information are only as a convenience which is provided to you and in no any other way to endorse Ovira Mart, Sponsorship or recommendation of third party, product or service, information.


Ovira Mart will not take any responsibility for the third party site content and will not make any representations for the content or exactness of the product/ material on sites. If any user tries to get in link with any third parties it will be totally on their own risk that the site won't support or encourage such things.

Each and every single product or material which also includes text, image , design, illustration, icons, programs, music clips , video clips, written, downloads and any other materials which are part of the site are deliberates only for the personal and non- commercial usage. The downloadable material listed on the site are only for the personal use . In such downloading/ copying no title, rights or interest will be transferred as the result of the action. You are highly prohibited to modify, download , distribute, create derivative activity, publish, transfer, display, involve in any sale or exploit a particular portion or whole part of the site  content , software. The software used in the sites are belongs to the  and it is licensed and protected and even supplied by the Indian and International copyright laws.  

The software and content of the site is allowed to use only for the purpose of shopping in the site. The sense of any other activities apart from the shopping like reproduction, distribute , modification, transmission , reproduction , republication , performance or display of the content on our website is strictly out of our terms & conditions and highly prohibited. Ovira Mart owns all our copyrights of the content, trade dress and other trademarks and intellectuals. According the Indian and international copyrights laws one of the Ovira Mart third party or its affiliates have the license of Ovira Mart are protected. The meaning , assembly and arrangement of the website content is protected by the Indian and international copyrights laws since it is the property of Ovira Mart.


We offer easy return and refund policy  . If they are not satisfied with the product but we make sure to check whether the product is not used and the seal is not broken .  We will take the product back requested for return and the amount will be credited back to your account. In case of product unavailability, Your total paid amount of the product will be refunded to your account without fail. If the customer desire to possess for return & refund on product defects, They must initiate at the time of delivery in the presence of a delivery person. It is not accepted once the delivery person leaves the spot. In Case of any mischievous act Ovira Mart has the full authority to cancel your order and refund your paid amount at any time. 


You may know by accessing this website or this site related services , the content may encounter to be deemed by a few of offensive, objectionable or indecent , such contents may or may not be recognize. By using our site you agree all the terms and conditions , you are using our site are site related services under the laws, Ovira Mart or  and even its affiliates may not have liability to the content which may be indecent, offensive or objectionable for the user.   



The user agrees for defend, hold harmless and indemnify Ovira Mart, directors, officers, its employees, agents and their successors and assigns , against any and claims all, liabilities ,losses, damage and expenses, cost, which also includes attorney's fee, caused /arising out of the claims which is completely based on the actions.  This may or may not result in loss in any  / Ovira Mart or even third parties to loss of any warranties, representation or any other kind of non- fulfillment of obligations under the agreement of user  is  violation of applicable laws and regulations. This is not just limited to claims of defamation, libel, payment dues and taxes,  violation of right public or privacy , service loss by other subscription  and intellectual infringement property or even for other rights.  Causing can survive the termination or expiry of the agreement.



The Agreement of users will be in effect unless/until cancel or terminates by the user or Ovira Mart. The user can terminate the user agreement at any moment which will discontinue the user to access our site. Ovira Mart shall terminate the agreement of the user at any moment without any notification or intimation which will stop you from accessing the site . This kind of terminations fall under the laws if Ovira Mart. According to this user agreement the user or Ovira Mart must promptly destroy all the materials, downloads or obtained materials in the site, This also includes all the copies of the above stuff in any forms. According to this agreement of user the comments can survive at any terminations.  In such case of termination this agreement will not cancel the obligation to pay for the product you have already ordered on the site or even affects any appearance under this agreement.